Jul 8, 2022

    The Mental Health Aspects of Parkinson's: How It's More Than a Movement Disease

    Parkinson’s disease is commonly known as a movement disorder, but it’s much more than that. The disease affects your brain and nervous system, which ...
    Jun 24, 2022

    How To Fall-Proof Your Home for Your Loved One

    According to the CDC, a staggering 36 million falls among older adults are reported yearly – resulting in over 32,000 deaths. Falls are often part of ...
    Jun 10, 2022

    Vitamin C and Older Adults: How Much Is Enough?

    Did you know that humans can't synthesize their own vitamin C? Luckily, taking vitamin C-rich foods (especially fruits and vegetables) can help meet ...
    May 27, 2022

    Keeping the Bathroom Safe for Elderly Seniors

    The bathroom is commonly listed as the most hazardous area in the house for elderly individuals. Numerous slips and falls occur in the washroom, ...
    May 20, 2022

    Ways for Seniors to Stay Socially Connected

    Senior citizens should try to connect with other people as often as possible. Seniors who aren't in touch with family members can suffer from ...
    Apr 30, 2022

    Take a Deep Breath: Stress Relief Techniques for Senior Care

    Seniors Care Tips on Reducing Stress for Loved One's in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL In many ways, stress is a natural part ...
    Apr 28, 2022

    Dealing with Difficult Behavior Because of Alzheimer's

    How to Care for Loved One's with Alzheimer's in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL More than 16 million Americans offer unpaid ...
    Mar 31, 2022

    7 Ways That In-Home Care Can Help Seniors With Insomnia

    Sleep is an important element of healthy aging, but what if a senior loved one has trouble sleeping? While sleep patterns do alter with age, it's ...
    Mar 23, 2022

    Simple Home Exercises for Senior Care

    Senior Care Tips for At-Home Exercises in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL Regular exercise is one of the best things elders can ...

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