National Card Party for Nursing Home Residents: Reach Out to Those Most Isolated During Coronavirus

Mar 16, 2020

Thank you for joining us in reaching out to many of our most vulnerable citizens.  Please visit, select Find Care, then Nursing Home, and enter your zip code.  You will be provided a list of facilities close to you. Choose a facility and you will immediately see the number of beds they have in the facility.  Prepare a greeting card or handwritten note and address to:  Resident, facility name and address.  Deposit them into the US Mail for delivery.  The nursing home will be happy to have cards for delivery to their residents.

It is okay if you can’t do it for all of the residents, and it is okay if the facility receives more than one for each resident.  The quarantine may stretch over several weeks.  You may want to send a greeting more than once.

Share a story, a joke, a poem, something that lets the resident know you care and are thinking about them.

Many nursing home residents often endure days, weeks or months of isolation while family is not near or perhaps there is no family. Now more than ever, being isolated is going to be very challenging with no volunteers entering facilities and many limiting visitors altogether. It is a time of anxiety for all of us and social support is so important.

We can all make a difference!  Thank you in advance for sharing this post and reaching out.

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