Senior Housing

Jan 9, 2017

There are so many choices to be made when it comes to senior housing and aging-in-place. Is your loved one safe at home? Is it time to consider moving to a retirement community or assisted living? What housing options can I afford? Which assisted living is reputable? How do I get help paying for care at home or in assisted living?

Our care managers can help with housing decisions and transitional services such as:

  • Tackling these conversations with your loved one
  • Assessing the situation and determining the level of care needed (at home or in a care facility)
  • Providing guidance about resources, options, costs, and facilities
  • Help completing necessary paperwork and understanding the admissions process
  • Assistance with Medicaid, VA benefits and other assistance programs
  • Complete coordination or a la carte services including setting up movers, downsizing services, estate sales, real estate professionals, changing addresses, and anticipating little details for a smooth process
  • Social and emotional support: hints for improving the transition and introducing clients to their new environment

A care manager ensures you receive the best care wherever home is. You benefit from:

  • Oversight and coordination (attending care plan meetings and appointments, spot-check visits, chart reviews, advocacy)
  • A local emergency contact who knows you and can respond to any crisis or questions
  • Insider’s knowledge of facilities and the care system: understanding realistic expectations, who to contact for help and how to best get your needs met

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