My parent falls frequently and I’m always worried about getting an emergency phone call.

Getting to the bottom of the cause of the falls is the first step. By understanding if there is a way to manage what is causing the falls you are then in a position to figure out what to do. If the situation is temporary, you may need to come up with a short-term plan and put new safety measures in place. But, in many cases, you’ll need a long-term plan to manage the situation to avoid life becoming one crisis after another. Even if your parent isn’t falling frequently (that you know of), falls are the #1 cause of injury and death in elders. So, if you want to help your parent age at home safely, start with a home safety assessment.

Care Managers Can…

    • Complete a home safety evaluation, walk through the home making recommendations
    • Review risk factors for falls
      • Medications
      • Conditions
      • Incontinence
      • Footwear
      • Clutter
      • Vision
      • Lighting
    • Identify devices, services, and products that could help lower risk of falls
      • Handyman services
      • Emergency response systems
      • Medical equipment
      • PT/OT evaluations
      • Medical evaluation
      • Medication review