My parent has a new medical problem and needs help.

Managing a new medical problem poses challenges on many levels. Understanding the diagnosis, possibly getting a second opinion, dealing with a new medication or treatment, exploring how to integrate the physical and emotional impact of the new condition into your parent’s life and possibly your own – this is only some of what you’re facing. The information helps, as can access new resources that you may need. But, it also takes time and the proper support to integrate this new challenge into your parent’s life.

Care Managers Can…

    • Educate the client, family, and care team
    • Provide emotional support and coaching
    • Identify questions to ask
    • Access information and resources to help support the client and family
    • Facilitate discussion about disease progression, prognosis, and management
    • Help develop a plan and next steps
    • Assist with obtaining second opinions
    • Gather a team of professionals that is right for you and your condition