Quality of Life / Social Engagement


My relative is all alone or quality of life is poor and I feel bad about this. During the current COVID-19 crisis, this problem that affects so many of our elders even in the best of times became a clear worry for many families.  There are concrete steps you can take to both manage your feelings and help your family member. Further Reading Please Don’t Fail at This Simple Healthy Aging Tip Elderly Parents Fed Up with COVID-19 Social Isolation? Keeping Connected Despite Coronavirus Isolation Combatting Depression (It Isn’t Easy Living Alone.) Care Managers Can... Identify [...]

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Driving Concerns


My relative shouldn’t be driving. Driving is a key part of everyday life for most Americans. How do you get to the store or church or to see your friends and family if you can’t drive your car?  The ability to instantly move from home to wherever you want to go provides a powerful feeling of independence for most older people.  But, what if your father has been in three fender-benders in the past six months?  Perhaps you've noticed dings and dents on Mom's car or wonder if she'll get confused about her route. You have begun to fear [...]

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Planning for the Future


I just want to plan ahead… nothing urgent today. While the future may not be ours to see, planning ahead gives us more options and control. Comprehensive future planning includes getting all of the necessary legal papers prepared, or updated; reviewing finances, including savings, current and future income, assets and realistic budgets for a variety of future scenarios. It means thinking about current and future living arrangements and having comprehensive information on medical conditions, medications and any current or likely future functional limitations. By being aware of community resources, you'll be ready to tap into them when the time [...]

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