Post-Hospital Home Care Assistance in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL

Superior Post-Hospital Home Care Assistance from EasyLiving in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL

We can help your loved one adjust to life at home after a hospital or rehabilitation center stay by offering encouraging care. The elderly need post-hospital home care assistance to recuperate physically and emotionally, especially if they live at home rather than in a senior rehabilitation center. EasyLiving provides in-home senior care and customized care plans, including hospital discharge planning and post-hospital rehab for the elderly.


Rehabilitation Issues

Injury or sickness rehabilitation, especially for seniors, can be complex. The period immediately following hospital discharge is essential to healing.

Aside from physical obstacles, patients may suffer from despair or anxiety due to social isolation or a change in habit. We also acknowledge that more people may be healing at home due to the present health crisis.

We can also provide short-term respite care for family members and primary caregivers. A family member may temporarily move in with them after a significant surgery or hospital stay. This kind gesture might be difficult and exhausting. Our professional carers can fill in while primary caregivers rest and refresh.


Uplifting Post-Hospital Care

EasyLiving provides superior home care assistance for elders and other persons recovering from hospitalization. Our individualized care plans help ensure a faster recovery at home. We also help with doctor-prescribed exercise, friendship, and keeping families linked via technology.

EasyLiving frequently collaborates with home health organizations, physical therapists, and other health professionals to offer comprehensive care for elders and other adults. EasyLiving caregivers help our customers achieve a smooth, safe, and positive hospital-to-home transfer. Among our postoperative care services are:

We can take you home from the hospital or facility, including follow-up appointments and physical therapy sessions.

  • Medication Reminders - Caregivers can remind clients to take their medication on time.
  • Encouragement - EasyLiving encourages and supports physical or verbal treatment as ordered by a doctor.
  • Companionship - Clients recovering from surgery may feel sad or dissatisfied. EasyLiving is available to provide company and meaningful activities.

Bathing and grooming can be difficult after surgery or extended hospital stays due to weakness and reduced range of motion. Our caregivers can help you get dressed and ready every day. This includes modest housework to maintain the home clean, tidy, and safe.

Our carers can help you or other primary caregivers when you need a break. We will cover all tasks while you relax. EasyLiving will communicate with family members and the client's Primary Care Physician to keep everyone informed of their progress. We actively collaborate with our patients and their families to develop individualized postoperative home care assistance plans.


Contact EasyLiving

EasyLiving provides a wide range of postoperative home care assistance options for patients who have just returned from a hospital or rehab center. We support your family during the critical post-hospital healing time.

Let EasyLiving support you through your postoperative recovery. Thanks to our home care experience and compassion, each client can focus on getting better. Contact us to discuss how we might assist you or a loved one.