Post-Hospital Home Care Assistance in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL

Superior Post-Hospital Home Care Assistance from EasyLiving in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL

With supportive in-home care, our caregivers can help your loved one get used to life at home again after a stay in a hospital or rehab center. Seniors who live at home instead of in a senior rehabilitation center need help at home to get better physically and emotionally after being in the hospital. EasyLiving provides in-home senior care and customized care plans, including hospital discharge planning and post-hospital rehab for the elderly.


Rehabilitation Issues

Rehabilitation can be hard, especially for older people who have been hurt or sick. When you first get home from the hospital is a very important time for healing.

Patients may feel hopeless or anxious if they are by themselves or if they have to change their habits. We also know that more people may be getting better at home because of the health crisis.

We can also help family members and primary caretakers by taking care of their loved ones for a short time. A family member may move in with them for a while after a major surgery or stay in the hospital. Kindness like this could be hard and wear you out. Our professional caregivers can help out while the main caregivers take a break and rest.


Uplifting Post-Hospital Care

EasyLiving helps people who have been in the hospital or are elderly get better care at home. People get better faster with the help of our personalized care plans. We also help people get in shape, make friends, and use technology to stay in touch with their families.

EasyLiving often works with home health agencies, physical therapists, and other health professionals to give seniors and other adults a full range of care. EasyLiving caregivers help our customers get from the hospital to their homes in a safe and happy way. Among our postoperative care services are:


  • Medication Reminders - Caregivers can remind clients to take their medication on time.
  • Encouragement - EasyLiving encourages and supports physical or verbal treatment as ordered by a doctor.
  • Companionship - Clients recovering from surgery may feel sad or dissatisfied. EasyLiving is available to provide company and meaningful activities.

After surgery or a long stay in the hospital, you may be weak and have less range of motion, making it hard to bathe and take care of yourself. Every day, our caregivers can help you dress and get ready. This includes small tasks around the house to keep it clean, neat, and safe.

Our caregivers can help you or other primary caregivers when you need a break. We will cover all tasks while you relax. EasyLiving will communicate with family members and the client's Primary Care Physician to keep everyone informed of their progress. We actively collaborate with our patients and their families to develop individualized postoperative home care assistance plans.


Contact EasyLiving

EasyLiving offers a wide range of home care options for people who have just come home from the hospital or a rehabilitation center. We help your family during the most important time for healing after a hospital stay.

Let EasyLiving support you through your postoperative recovery. Thanks to our home care experience and compassion, each client can focus on getting better. Contact us to discuss how we might assist you or a loved one.