Social Care Services in Clearwater, FL, Holiday, FL, & Temple Terrace, FL

Our Social Care Program Offers Home Care Assistance to Seniors in Clearwater, Holiday, Temple Terrace, and Surrounding Florida Communities.

Each of our senior customers is distinctive in their own way, necessitating an equally customized home care support strategy. EasyLiving takes a more comprehensive approach to in-home elder care, providing specialized social care for your loved one both inside and outside the home.

Nowadays, everything appears to be related to modern technology, and seniors must learn how to use modern technology in order to stay in touch with friends and family members. Friends, family, and loved ones can stay connected and communicate more regularly thanks to our home care assistance's Social Care program, which uses networking platforms such as Facebook, Skype, and FaceTime. As a result, older persons remain active, engaged, and connected to those they care about the most.

Here are a few intriguing findings from recent studies:

  • By merely perusing the internet, seniors can lower depression by up to 20%
  • According to a University of Arizona study, seniors who use Facebook have a 25% improvement in mental "updating" skills — figures that indicate an improvement in working memory
  • Another study found that seniors who visited social networking sites like Facebook had a favorable emotional experience, as indicated by respiration rates, pupil dilation, and brain activation


How Can Our Social Care Program Assist?

Seniors frequently struggle to sustain relationships owing to limitations in movement or vision, fear of falling, inability to drive, and a variety of other factors. Our carers can assist them in getting out of the house and even connecting with their friends and family via technology. Our Social Care Program includes the following services:

  • Make use of a cellphone
  • Sending text messages and e-mails
  • Make use of network communications platforms like Skype or FaceTime
  • Make a Facebook account and a Facebook page
  • Facebook allows you to interact with family and friends online
  • Log in, shop online, or use a search engine to get information


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