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Technology is advancing, impacting the way we live, and presenting new opportunities to improve the delivery of healthcare. EasyLiving leverages these innovations every day, developing state-of-the-art solutions that make it possible for seniors to age safer, smarter, and healthier at home.

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Better performance, access and outcomes for all

Our care technology enables better performance for our company, more access for clients, and improved outcomes for everyone.

Traditionally, senior care has consisted of managing issues, often reactively: visits to the doctor’s office for a diagnosis and treatment plan, and caregivers dealing with daily needs, often with little connection. With the advancement of technology, elders today have new opportunities to take control and embrace later life.

  • Managing activities of daily living
  • Greater adherence to treatment regimens
  • Preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and rehospitalizations
  • Increased quality of life by reducing depression and isolation
of consumers prefer recovering at home instead of a medical facility following a major medical event
use a device to monitor health (blood pressure, breathing function, blood sugar, etc.)
would prefer to get health care at home if the alternative is going to the doctor or medical facility

Improve the years with advancements in medical technology

Elder care has vastly improved thanks to advances in medical care combined with telehealth delivery options that not only extend life, but can improve the years. We can manage medical conditions and care needs in a seamless way. Not only does it keep people healthier but it is what they prefer.

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How do we use technology to improve your care?


Virtual Visits

  • Increased oversight and management of care = better results, seamless for you.
  • Connect with clients over HIPAA-secure video calls to discuss progress, promote adherence, answer questions, and share guidance. We can bring the care team together by including participants such as specialists, pharmacists, doctors, family members, and more.
  • Instant Messaging - secure two way text messaging to protect your electronic personal health information. Get the help and information you need quickly.

Chronic Disease Management

  • We are able to coordinate a series of condition specific text and/or emails for you to receive timely, educational information about your condition and wellbeing, resulting in more proactive care and better outcomes.
  • Improved medication compliance, reducing hospitalizations.
  • Better care monitored and managed by our professional care managers throughout your care journey.

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Through custom, tailored-to-you assessments we are able spot issues before they spiral into larger problems.
  • Manual or digital tracking of key vitals to prevent health deterioration and hospitalizations.
  • Increased satisfaction and better outcomes; reduced medical appointments, ER visits, and symptoms.
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Family Room Portal

  • Easing family stress and keeping everyone connected.
  • Accessible family calendar that shows doctors’ and other important appointments.
  • Text / email reminders of appointments.
  • Educational resources and support group.

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