Physical activity is a necessary component of good health at all ages. In particular, as we age, we are at increased risk for falls due to a tendency to lose muscle mass and decrease physical activity (in addition to other issues like medications and poor vision). Exercise can help us combat some of these issues and make gains in muscle mass and build better strength and balance.

It is important to talk to your doctor about what exercise is appropriate. You may even benefit from some physical therapy if you have had major changes. Your physical therapist can then work with you to create a routine for ongoing maintenance. We also work with a great group of personal trainers from At Home Fitness. They specialize in seniors and medical rehabilitation, so they are attuned to your conditions and personalized needs. They also make exercise fun!

Our home caregivers help many clients maintain their exercise routines. We can assist with your daily routine at home or accompany you on walks. Our senior transportation services provide rides to gyms, senior centers, the YMCA/local pool, or the beach for exercise in a wide array of settings.

There are a great many resources you can access at home. If you are a caregiver who wants to help the person you care for to stay fit, we’ll offer various tips and resources in our blog series so keep checking back!

Start with this video on YouTube, which demonstrates some great exercises for your vestibular system, to help with balance. Mary Ann Wilson, who leads the exercises, does a half hour series on PBS called Sit and Be Fit, which is designed for older adults. Her program’s been airing for more than 22 years on many local PBS stations, so it’s likely you can tune right in from your home. You can read more about Sit and Be Fit on their website and also purchase DVDs, audio, and accessories to complement your routine.

EasyLiving’s team is completely focused on quality of life for our clients and the broader community. As part of this, we encourage active aging and educate about falls prevention. You can check out our top tips for fall prevention in the elderly and our free falls prevention checklist.

Contact us for help with senior home care, active aging support, senior transportation and more–we’re here to help you keep your body in the best condition possible!