I’m concerned about someone taking financial advantage of my parent.

Is your parent possibly the victim of elder abuse? The most typical form of elder abuse is financial abuse. This can take the form of simply stealing money or things of value from an elder to taking over the person’s entire financial life. Elder abuse is a serious and sometimes difficult problem to solve. Expert advice is often needed to understand how to approach the problem and best get help, from formally making a complaint of elder abuse to authorities to putting safeguards in place.

Further Reading

Care Managers Can…

    • Educating family members regarding signs of abuse and undue influence
    • Gathering the facts and a clear picture of the situation
    • Evaluating legal tools and documents in place and needed; making referrals to professionals who can help
    • Evaluating capacity
    • Protection and prevention interventions to stop abuse and scams; interfacing with police, and aging organizations; exploring options such as phone blocks, screening mail, protected debit cards, etc.
    • Reporting and communication with Adult Protective Services